Abseil Africa(Activety: Down Hill) [Cape Town, South Africa]

This activity’s name is “TABLE MOUNTAIN ABSEIL”. In other word “Down hill”.

This activity is getting down the hill of the mountain with a simple rope from top of the Table Mountain. If you wanna know how the visitors had enjoyed, you are able to see the multiple SNS the organizer has.

All staffs is very kindly and funny. This activity will make your memory of traveling fabulous.

This is where “TABLE MOUNTAIN ABSEIL” starts. So if you wanna try it, you have already had a reservation by choosing from 3 way and done before you will come here.
1) at “tour opperator of Abseil Africa” on the Long Street
2) via Internet
3) via Hostel’s or GuestHouse’s reception you stayed.

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◆ Japan Embassy

Office of Consul of Japan in Cape Town(Japan Embassy) [Cape Town, South Africa]


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