Salam Transport(Long Distance Bus station) [Dakar, Senegal]

The bus station which is Managed by “SALAM TRANSPORTS” Inc. founded in 2016. All buses we take on could be relax because of big vehicle’s body, keep institutions clean.

In this bus station area, “SALAM FOOD” which is provided any fast foods and “EXCLUSIVE HYPERMARKET”, a big supermarket. We can wait in either of them.

These buses go to the places in which KEDOUGOU, TAMBACOUNDA, TOUBA, SAINT LOUIS,and DAKAR.
I used this from here to TAMBACOUNDA. It takes 8 hours(including 1 hour rest) and costs 9000 CFA.

Notes: mind the spelling of the land name. Where this bus goes on is big city anywhere. But In Senegal, any towns is like similar in point of the spelling. Ex. Toubakouta and Tambacounda.
[in Feb 2020]

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◆ International Airport in Senegal

Aéroport International Blaise Diagne(Senegal International Airport) [Dakar, Senegal]


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