【Stay】Milk&Honey Hostel (Tel Aviv-Yafo:Israel)

Location on Google Map

My Impressions to stay here

There is the PERFECT hostel where we can stay comfortable and reasonable.

It’s comfortable to sightseeing and walk eat around the main capital town:Tel Aviv.

There has many tools in the kitchen and shared room, its very fabulous. Coffee ,tea and simple breakfast is free.
Interior is too much charming, because it’s arranged by the lady who is the owner of this hostels.

It’s notice.
>It’s more quick procedure via Internet than that at local.
>I recommend you the lower side of dormitory bed.
Its much higher at upper bed of dormitory.
Which has no fence, so in unfortunately you fall down from higher point.

I recommend the person who want to take any conversation at a quiet and atmosphere place.
But I do NOT recommend the person who want to feel a feelings of openness. For this case, you may choose any other hostels and guesthouse around here.
【in Jan 2018】


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